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Children's vocal group “Zornitsa” (“Morning Star”) was founded in 1991 year by Galina Ivanova. She is the author of the songs, performed by the children – and composed especially for them. Popular and loved by the public, 4 they have been issued in four albums of the ““Zig Zag” series” and a double anniversary album “Zornitsa in Wonderland”. The group has hundreds of individual and group awards from national and international festivals and competitions, videos, concerts and numerous appearances in public, which are an integral part of the biography of the ““young zonrnitsas””. In their own TV shows “Zig zag” and ... “The Incredible Kids” the children from “Zornitsa” demonstrate their qualities and skills on the small screen as well..

Since 2010 year “Zornitsa” grew into an Art Centre and opened a branch in the town of Shumen, whose organiser and musical pedagogue is Galina Georgieva.

Over the past years for “Zornitsa” , Daniela Dimitrova and Yanna Zhecheva have worked as organizers, and Boriana Docheva, as a musical pedagogue of a preparatory group.