Destka Rock-Opera “So will be”

Performance art center “Зорница” – children's Rock-Opera “Така ще бъде”! Pageant of sound, light and So will be a children's stage presence!!! This is the only such children's Rock-Opera “Така ще бъде”, presented by the Alumni of the Center “Зорница” &So will be to 11 years old. Author,Zornitsa
the adaptation of the texts and artistic director Galina Ivanova.

Prize of 20 Anniversary Festival “Saten shoes”

The 20 Anniversary Festival of the arts “Saten shoes” Berkovitsa   2012., children's vocal group “Zornitsa” was invited to take part in the Gala concert and award-winning   for contribution to the development of the Festival about the numerous accolades over the years zavoûvani. The Group was represented by Victoria Cheshmedzhieva, Casey Daigle and Victoria Damirchi.