Grand Prize of the Festival “Nicolai Ghiaurov” 2013

“Won the Grand Prize at the third International Festival of the musical film "Nicolai Ghiaurov" – Velingrad 2013. In a race with other 50 productions, the statuette "Nicolai Ghiaurov – reincarnations "was awarded to our movie – concert "will be directed by Stanimir Trifonov. The award is for all the children of the Centre "zornitsa", of which achieved anyway that my "crazy" idea. Rock-Opera with children from 3 to 11 years old. Thank them!”

Galina Ivanova

Music Center “Zornitsa” opens its doors

новият офис на Музикален център "Зорница" брошураSoon, the new Office of the Music Center “Zornitsa” open doors for children between the 7 and ... 14 years old, who wish to celebrate their birthdays or just to have fun
in a pleasant musical atmosphere. Karaoke, disco and countless surprises await our guests. Welcome to us !


Provides the ability to organize

the feast of your "all grown up" child.

* Disco

* Karaoke

* Musical games

Welcome to the newly opened Center us!

G. k. Slatina UL. "Jeje" 1 (A)

0899/ 277  608