Actor's production of Art Center "zornitsa” — children's Rock-Opera "so will be”! Pageant of sound, light and So will be a children's stage presence!!! This is the only such children's Rock-Opera, presented by the Alumni of the Center "Daystar” — children aged 3 to 11 years old. Author,
the adaptation of the texts and artistic director Galina Ivanova.


The action in the rock — the Opera is developing
forward in time in a different fromцентър за изкуство "Зорница" - детска рок-опера "Така Ще Бъде"
current world. Darkness prevails — and in
nature, and in the souls of men. Rule
dark forces. But they still have not found
way to submit only
infant soul. The fairy of the life and
the fairy of the time trying to return
humanity and good relations between
people, but this turns out to be impossible for
Daystar is the first Star, which rises
on the dark firmament and brighten it with
your light. Follows the rise of a new
lovely day, in which Muhammad wakes up
in great mood. Going out for a walk.
Shouting and their girlfriends. Fun is,
but appear three boys, animated by
evil wizards. Fulfilling their
dispositions kidnap girls.
Jana is taken on a desert island and conveyed
of the witch Villain. Come and natives,
that frighten even more
the child. The fairy of the life course for
all this and appears in the Iana, to
save her. It becomes a miracle, by which the natives
Hide scared, and the fairy of time
making Magic with Raiders,
to turn them back into good guys,
that have been. Together with her girlfriends
Yana they are already ready to fight
against the bad. Following a skirmish between
both fairies and wicked witch Villain. She is unwavering
to fight to the end, to defeat
graceful. Yana is desperate, but discovering her sailors
ready to deliver. The Villain
not backing down. Shouting their sisters —
evil guesses De and RA. Fairies also receive
backup, but again there is no winner.
Then the fairy of time
Decides to freeze the moment, to collect
all the fairies and to decide how to defeat
evil. The witches also did not stand with
folded hands. They gather around
the ORB of the evils, to call all
mysteries and sinister thoughts and labelled
evil for eternity. Again go
order to measure forces of good and
evil. And again — without result. The Victory
comes with the emergence of the rescue squad,
who defeated the witches, them and fairies
turn on good.

the witch Villain……….Victoria Cheshmedzhieva
the fairy of the life…………John Daigle
fairy of time…………Victoria Damirchi
the wicked godmother De………Denise Abdullah
the wicked godmother Ra………Dara Dalton
the fairy godmother………….Alex Arnaudova
the singing girls………Michaela Tončovska
kidnapped children……….Yana, Diana, Joanna, Stella
boys – hijackers…Momchil, Daniel, Rumen
Children of the vocal groups in the Center "zornitsa":
"The Incredible Kids"; "Zornitsa"; "Zornitsa-mini" and "Viva":
Christina, Victoria,
Simona, Zornitsa, Denitsa,
Beloslava, Martin, Melina,
Michael, Sofia, Yana, Biljana,
Michaela, Katerina, Julia,
Gabriela, Jn., Clear,
Mikhail, Antoine, Sugars,
Simeon, Karina, Boris,
Ivana, David, Kamen,
Irina, Eva, Mine, Kalin,
Victor, Nicky, Monica, Tion,
Katie, Darina, Danae